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The Damp Repair System

The use of chemical additives for water proofing have been in existence for many years. Products have been available for additives to mortar and external renders and are readily accepted. Damp coursing fluids are based on polysiloxanes or silicone solutions in a carrier solvent. The particle size is very small to allow penetration into bricks, mortar and other masonry products. Once impregnated the silicones start to polymerize and bond to the surfaces to the masonry creating a permanent water repellent water proof barrier. The product acts in a similar way to Scotch Guard which makes natural fibres water repellent.

The ‘Code of Practice’ attached covers the actual treatment in more detail. Variations to the treatment methods allow damp coursing to all types of masonry or stone walls.

Damp Coursing Systems by Silicone ImpregnationSafe, clean and innovative

  • CSIRO and industry tested
  • Non destructive, creates no movement or damage to walls
  • Permanent solution
  • 30yr guarantee
  • Minimal disruption
  • Minimal dust
  • Replaster in two weeks

Damp Guard Aust. are –

  • Registered Building Practitioners,
  • Members of the Australian Institute of water Proofing
  • Members of Australian Society of Building Consultants

Beware of uninformed advice which is common in the area of building dampness. If in doubt, seek independent advice from a Building Consultant. Read our attached notes on identifying dampness to help understand your own problem.