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Other works we can undertake

Damp cellars and basements.

Where there is no water seepage into below ground rooms, Damp Guard can seal the wall with cement based water proof coatings and then applying a solid render with a salt retardant additive. The water proof coating seals the wall against moisture penetration, the render seals against any salt migration. The wall can then be set coat for a smooth finish if the area is to become a habitable room. We mostly use Mapei water proofing products. If there are water leaks, internal perimeter drains may suffice, otherwise there is no alternative to external excavation with drains and membranes.

External membranes.

Damp guard completed a limited number of external water proofing works. We use flexible cement based products that do not suffer from drying out and cracking. These products are also used under external tiling but we will only install where the substrate is compressed cement sheet. If compressed timber sheeting is used externally for decking, there is a chance of flexing and condensation beneath the water proof membrane which can lead to rotting of the substrate timbers, usually outside the builders guarantee period.

Sub floor ventilation.

There is a minimum number of sub floor vents required to provide adequate ventilation. Most importantly, air must be able to flow in one side of the building and exit the other, ie front to back or side to side. If this is limited, some form of forced ventilation may be required. Excavating soil only increases the volume of air that must be replaced and often exposes damper soil closer to the water table, increasing the space requires more vent openings.

Brick Work Repairs

External rising damp often leads to fretting of mortar joints and loose bricks undermining the building stability. Damp Guard can repair the walls by repointing the mortar joints prior to installing a new damp course.