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Quotation Information

Damp Guard provide free quotes in metropolitan areas for rising damp repairs.

Quotations are split into the components of the required works. The attached quotation pages will give you a much better idea of the considerations that arise when quoting and carrying out the works.

The primary consideration is to ensure all stages of the project are completed correctly. Where components of the works are completed by others, we provide a specification.

Quotations for the installation of a new damp course are a fixed price. There is a minimum charge of $550- (including gst.) for up to 4 metres of installed damp course. Larger projects are quoted on a metre rate. The base product has a slight smell similar to mineral turps and is suitable for open sites. In occupied buildings and especially on party walls, the very low odour product is recommend, but is slightly more expensive.

Variables come in to play when preparing the walls. Removing of existing skirting boards, floor protection, electricals or any plumbing can vary in time. An initial estimate is provided but final cost is charged on a time basis.

Where removal of damp plaster is required, there are many unknowns. Is the plaster thick or thin? Is the plaster a hard sand/cement mix or the old lime/sand mix? Are there hidden pipes or electrical cables? Has patched plaster work hidden the true height of rising damp in the wall? We provide an estimate based on our many years of experience. The final cost is again charged on a time basis plus removal and tipping fees.

Replastering is also difficult to accurately quote before the plaster is removed. Plasterers themselves will not give a firm price until they see what is required. Here again we provide an estimate based on our experience and try to be on the high side. We either have plasterers provide a fixed price when plaster is removed or subcontract them on a daily rate plus materials.

Removed skirting board often need cleaning. They may have glue and filler on the back which needs to be removed, nails and fixings removed, or replaced where they are rotted or warped excessively. Where required, a carpenter is arranged on an hourly basis plus materials and travel.

We estimate a period of a month from start to finish allowing for the drying out times between stages.   

Samples of our Forms that we provide Clients

  1. Damp coursing
  2. Preparation
  3. Damp plaster removal
  4. Re-plastering
  5. Sample guarantee for damp coursing
  6. Sample guarantee for water proofing